KarmaBhoomi : The Land Where One Works… For His Better Self!

KarmaBhoomi is an India based platform for people who either have some extra space or are looking for space where they can work themselves up to the top. Wondering what made us come up with this? Actually, this idea of ours came up in mind when we- through a horrid personal experience- saw how difficult it was for Indian startups tight on budget to find an elegant address which would not burn a hole in their already tight pockets. On the other hand, corporate having free space or on the lookout for some extra income were not really sure as to who to contact to come on board.

This platform is a boon to both, the ones who have free space; and others who want some space. What are we then? A meeting point, you could say! Business Lounge, Shared Office, Co working Space, Startup Incubator, Meeting Room, Office for Rent, you name it, we have it listed. Oh, and the prices? You have the freedom to choose a budget you think you can comfortably spend for your very own- and much longed-for- office address!

We have a web of networks pan India. So you can now actually look up for a space in Chennai while sitting at your home in Delhi just planning about how things are going to turn out. And rest assured, all the properties listed here are secure, accessible, and elegant. Just the way you had wanted your office to be!