An office is a place we study so hard all our lives to get in… It is the place that earns us our daily bread, our means of survival. It is the same place we spend most of our waking hours at. It, hence, becomes everyone’s duty to create an environment that is healthy as well as creative in every way possible. It should be something where workers are willing to come and work. Given here are several points that can surely help create a healthy workplace without having to burn a hole in the pocket. Read on:

Work-life Balance

  • Family Get-togethers/ Picnics: Going by the facts, an average man spends somewhere around 70,000 hours of his lifetime in the office premises, away from his family and friends. Ensure your work place becomes  favorite with co-workers. Going for office picnics with their families help them refresh up and give time to their family as well.
  • Baby Nursing Facility: In the changing times, females have also started to think in the direction of their careers. They can become important company assets if the company understands their other responsibilities as well. Having a baby nursing room in the office premises helps working mothers get back to work in a short time after delivering the baby. They can also rest assured when their baby is just around them.
  • Flexible Working Hours: This is something every employee would love to have. Playing safely, the companies should allow for flexible working hours for some days of the month when employees can get other works of their done, and also give time to their families.

Office Organization

  • Cleanliness: While talking about creating a healthy workplace, how can we not talk about cleanliness? Every working professional spends a minimum of 8 hours in the office every day. It is important that you pay attention to regular professional cleaning jobs, not forgetting pesticide and mosquito sprays on suggested intervals. It would also save up on them asking for sick leaves!
  • Chairs: Sitting deep into the chair, the person tends to use postures that can comfort him temporarily, but in the long run, they do him more harm than good. Invest in chairs whose height and arms can be adjusted as per person’s comfort level.
  • A Hint of Nature: Working continuously on the computer screen can become highly monotonous. Bring in indoor plants that can be kept inside the office premises. They provide a quick relief to the eyes, making the mood lighter, and also provide an instant boost to creativity.
  • Lighting: This area is majorly ignored by companies. It is a proven fact that correct lighting helps create an aura that is not just soothing but is also therapeutic to mind and body. Lights help create positive vibes too.
  • Ventilation: Who loves breathing stale air anyways?! Constantly inhaling air released by air conditioners in a packed room is clearly unhealthy. Ensure proper ventilation inside the office premises. Natural air should be able to peep in.


  • Honors: Appraisals are important, be they in the form of monetary hike or in the form of an honor. They keep the employees motivated enough to work hard. Praising them on getting things done right is important to build a healthy relation with them all.
  • Additional Perks: It is important that the company shows care towards their employees. Enrolling them for company medical insurance etc. is just one of the things to go beyond the company-employee relationship. Giving bonuses and incentives is also something that keeps the morale of the staff up, and focused.

Whether you are a startup or a well settled company, these points are not really hard to implement. Emily Dickinson was right when she said, “Take care of small things and big things automatically fall in place”.
Do you think we are missing out on something important in this list? There’s always scope… Do let us know the ways to create a healthy workplace.

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