A dog is rightly known as the man’s most loyal friend. This is obviously not an empty saying. Since times immemorial, dogs have been a favorite with people who live alone or have a fetish for having pets at home. They keep a vigil eye on the surroundings all the time and are a loving cuddly thing to possess. But, why limit having a dog just at the home? How about also having a dog in the office premises too?!

But, before we proceed, keep in mind this important fact: every coin has two sides. This question- in a similar fashion- is sure to welcome affirmative as well as negative answers. Some would simply love the thought of having an in- office dog while others may simply crib about the cons attached to having dogs around.

The necessity to have pets on board in some professions simply cannot be ruled out, while others just keep them to create a stress free environment. First, let’s take a close look at places that just cannot do without pets. Farms are under a constant threat from mice and other rodents. Having cats deployed on duty ensures the produce stays free from their attack. Hotels and motels usually have dogs to keep a vigil eye on the surroundings. But why is it that not all people are welcoming to the idea of having pets in offices too?

Dogs at the workplace are believed to help increase the productivity, or so the studies reveal. Some even go to the extent of claiming how cheerful the environs remain when there is a dog around. Having cheery environment leads to happy people, fully awake and concentrating rightly on their work. Someone rightly said, a happy staff is the most productive staff.

But for others, a dog is nothing short of a distraction. They are of the idea that a work place should look like a work place, and a dog takes away the focus from work to itself. People who think this are not entirely wrong. Over energetic dogs love grabbing attention from people around them. This is not really cool when it happens at the work place.

It is not just cheerfulness that comes along with having a dog in the office, but also the morale. Dogs help keep stress at bay. Just a look at the sweet one helps keep the mood good, thus leading to concentration at work. Whoever said all distractions were bad! Having a dog in the office premises is a nice option for entrepreneurs or office owners who want to have a stress free office and are not keen on spending lavishly.

But how can the allergies be ignored? And dog phobia? Not all people feel comfortable when there are dogs around. Sometimes, they might even be allergic to hair falling here and there. The noise and growling dogs indulge in, does not seem to sound pleasant to every ear.

This question is better left without a conclusion. People who have a fetish for dogs will go to any extent proving how beneficial pets are for offices. On the other hand, ones who cannot tolerate the thought of having a dog in the office alone can come up with a hundred cons to overshadow the pros. All that one should think over before planning to get a dog for the office is, ask everyone working there about their comfort level with a dog around.

So, what do you think about having your very own office dog? Is it a big YES? Or a flat no-no for you?

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