Work comes first and everything else can wait. Human beings have definite areas linked to specific activities, for us temples mean prayer, ground means playing and malls means shopping centers. Above all, work means office space! If you are starting a new venture and planning to get a place to work, then we are here to help you out. People usually are left buying large spaces but are unable to utilize it to fullest, on the other hand, some of them buy small areas and are stuck up with less storage space. We, at Karamabhoomi, enlist for you the varied office spaces with its descriptions.

You can easily pick, according to your venture’s necessity.

Anything else is adjustable, but your workspace should be unique, calm and spacious. It should go with your business and your taste as well. You can easily own, rent or sale your office space in here at our online office!

Here, we are introducing following types of offices:

Co-working Spaces

Shared Desk

Coworking Space at Working Company – Ahmedabad, Gujrat

It is an ideal pick for freelancers or those working alone, via the net. It is an old concept where people from varied organization or backgrounds for working, assemble in a space. They share the working space, ideals and values of sitting in a community. It is best for those working alone, as this eradicates the feeling of loneliness at work and instill the brotherhood land sharing essence. If you are working independently and cannot afford a large space, then opt for this type of space where you can easily share the rent, thus this is an ideal one, economical as well as filling the void of a fellow employee.

Virtual Office


iKeva – Hyderabad  Virtual Office Provider

As the name suggests, this type of office area is not exactly located in a specified geographical location. You are provided with an address with some other basic amenities through which you can manage to provide your clients with a location for your work. They will offer temporary seating arrangements and will even receive mail etc. from you. This is a best option for those involved in real estate and web work (website creators and website developers).

Shared Office

Shared Office

Shared Office 91springboard – Gurgaon

This may sound similar to Co working space, but it varies to some extent. Somehow, here you can place your utility materials as well and leave, but in Co working area you have to pick up all your essentials at the day’s end. In this you will get a fixed place to sit and work thus you can easily settle down within your area and can work again the next day, at the same place.

Rented Office


Acropolis – Chennai Rented Office Provider

Under this section, we have a variety of offices for rent purpose only. You can pick from small cubicle setup to large floor offices. Those of you, who are searching proper office spaces but cannot invest to own it, just rent it down then. It is one of the most convenient way of saving money and working for the benefit.

Startup Incubators

Investopad Startup Incubators

Investopad – Gurgaon Startup Incubator

For all those who are setting up a new venture and are at a loss as to how to give a perfect start by picking an appropriate office space! Here is your solution. This is an old practice, where business organizations offer incubators for small time businessmen and help them in the starting years to establish their ventures. They will offer internet access, loan facilities and other necessary arrangement for beginners especially.

Business lounge

Evaoma Business Bar

Evoma – Bangalore  Business Lounge

These spaces are large, well furnished with large couches and sofa, this is a perfect space for those involved in marketing or other moving ventures. If you need not have a fixed workspace, but are regularly having meetings with high-profile clients, then this is a perfect location to own! Just own a lounge, it will have easy internet access, coffee sections and other seating arrangements. It is a perfect location to create a friendly yet professional environment.

Serviced offices

Office Space

Office Space Our First Office – Mumbai

A serviced office is where you pay as much as you use! It is an appropriate and worthy investment. Many a times there are sections in your office, which you rarely use, and that area is particularly a waste. Thus, in this type of places you will pay only for the space you use. It has a short-term lease agreement system, which makes it easier to access.

Board Rooms/ Meeting Rooms/ Conference Rooms


Conference going-on in Stirring Minds – Delhi

This is for those who are working in the field or on web networks. The people who do not require to keep up with the fellow employees daily can take up any of the rooms to hold weekly or monthly meetings or immediate arrangement for one to one interactions. The meeting or conference rooms are well furnished with all basic requirements. You can use it and thus can save money by not spending on large different rooms. You can also use book these for meetup.


This and much more is offered at Karmabhoomi, it’s a web working space in your working area, our enlistees are offering you a large variety of office spaces for your convenience and according to your need. All you need is to browse through the categories according to your requirements!

Working hard till the last bit! Your Karma is chasing you!

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