A unique and one-of-its-kind show in India, TVF Pitchers. ‘The Viral Fever’ commonly abbreviated as TVF, a famous youth oriented entertainment network, has come with a new web series, TVF Pitchers. Its first episode ‘Tu Beer Hai” was launched on June 3rd, 2015. Unlike the tradition, TVF launched the first episode of the series on their own website ‘tvfplay.com‘ instead of YouTube. This show depicts the predicament of wannabe IT entrepreneurs of India. It’s a Drama series with humour and realistic touch.

Naveen, the protagonist, is fed up with his job because he ain’t getting opportunities to grow. Naveen discusses the matter with his mentor, Bhati, who is a successful entrepreneur, while gulping down some chilled beer at a night club. The conversation between Naveen and Bhati is quite motivational yet entertaining. This one incident gives Naveen the courage to resign immediately and give wings to the start-up he was planning since long.

The next day, Naveen contacts his friend Yogi, who’s already in for a start-up and was waiting for Naveen to take the action. Then, they call up to involve their another best friend, Jitu, who is an extraordinary programmer, doing well in his job and is married. Jitu is reluctant to leave his job. In India, your decision can’t be sole yours. You must engage your family and society. Jitu’s situation is quite real as per Indian social system. How Naveen and Yogi convince Jitu and how Jitu tries to convince his wife is realistic and humourous. There is one more character, Mandal, who is Naveen’s roommate and an MBA. Mandal is a funny character who wants to join Naveen’s startup but Naveen doesn’t want him. How Mandal convinces Naveen and team to take him and how Naveen deals with his boss about resignation is quite interesting. What the team of 4 goes through to get funding is what ep03 is all about. If you work in an IT industry you’ll surely feel connected to the series and relate yourself to one or more characters.

These are the three Episodes
1 Tu Beer Hai

2 And Then There Were Four

3 The Jury Room

On the other hand,  TVF Pitchers has become a big hit and is in media for some time. Some are claiming that it is an Indian version of popular American show ‘Silicon Valley’ whereas Arunabh Kumar, CEO and Founder of TVF stated that neither is it a copy of Silicon Valley nor is it inspired. Silicon Valley is purely a comedy show while TVF Pitchers is drama.  Silicon Valley’s situations are unreal but in TVF Pitchers you’ll see the realistic situations under which startups go through in India.

Overall, TVF pitchers is unique yet highly relatable for Indian audience. All new concept, great background music score, hilarious dialogues, intellectual humour and intriguing script will keep you engaged. Its subtle dialogues such as “taxi driver to Naveen: sir, agar doosra rasta lenge hi nahi toh pata kese chalega ki traffic he ya nahi, aur wese bhi yaha fase rahe to zaroor flight nikal jayegi..”
inspires too.

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